Bridging the Gap

Saturday May 30th at 2:15pm

Advocacy can be one of the most effective tools an arts group or groups can employ to secure recognition and financial support from all levels of government, but it requires a good deal of effort and skill to achieve real success. Cultural representatives must develop good communication and negotiation skills to deal with municipal staff and members of the government, and often have to educate government officials on the benefits of the arts before any progress can be made. By focusing on common goals, artists and arts groups can often achieve more than by acting alone, but making a good presentation and working collectively towards shared goals takes ambition, talent and collaborative determination. This panel will explore some of the dos and don’ts of arts advocacy as well as different ways communities can approach advocacy in a respectful and mutually beneficial ways.

Presenting Panelists: Maurice SwitzerKatherine Carleton, Roy Mitchell Moderated by Katie Bevan

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