Emerging ideas

Thursday May 28th, 2015 @ 2:15pm

Critical thinking and art discourse among emerging artists and “Youth” are constantly shifting and evolving in relation to the skills and interests of the next generation of artists. Through increases in accessibility and interactivity with technology many young artists today have been able to gain the skills they need earlier and position themselves for a successful career faster than their more experienced counterparts. Yet many emerging and youth artists face obstacles when attempting to interact with established artists and arts spaces. What lessons can other artists learn from the experiences of today’s youth? What roles can emerging artists play within the current art scene and how can established organizations better engage with the youth in their communities? How can young artists find their own niche while staying true to their hopes and dreams?

Presenting Panelists: Lora NorthwayMaggie FlynnHolly Cunningham Moderated by Linda Albright

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