Creator Exchange with PGC

The Creator Exchange is an informal networking event, facilitated by Playwrights Guild of Canada, for playwrights and other theatre practitioners. 20 theatre creators gather together to talk about the work they are doing or the work they would like to do. The first hour is a guided discussion that gives everyone in the room the chance to speak about their work and projects. The second hour is an open networking session that involves snacks, drinks, and the chance to connect freely with anyone in the room.

Creator Exchanges provide a structure to share concepts, motivate and inspire one another, and discover new working relationships that can lead to future collaborations. Whether you are an emerging, established, amateur, or professional theatre artist, PGC’s Creator Exchange can bring you into a fresh space and introduce you to new people and new ideas.

Meet the Creator Exchange Participants

  • Paula Shewchuk
  • Wendy Hamilton
  • Brigette Gall
  • Kevin Matthew Wong
  • Jane A. Smythe
  • Kate Butler
  • Krista Dalby
  • Andrew Lamb
  • TeaJai Travis
Have you registered for the do you want to participate in the Creator Exchange? Please get in touch with our Conference Coordinator, Jane Smythe to book your spot!