Discussion #1: The Dynamics of Urban and Rural Theatre in Ontario

What drives arts professionals to migrate and return? To stay and dig in? Can exploring the connections and differences between rural and urban communities allow for increased theatre presences when engaging between regions? How can our measure of success be changed to reflect longer reaching impacts for Ontario? This panel discussion deconstructs current dynamics within the province of Ontario and evaluates current tactics regions are taking. Arts professionals in both rural and urban centers have to reflect on their own adaptability if we are supporting, nurturing and growing a provincial theatre market. Exploring collective abilities to share resources increases the amount of potential collaboration, co-presenting and co-production taking place within Ontario.Beyond the cliche of the quaint and cute, what are the challenges and opportunities when creating theatre in rural communities? Can these reflections offer a path for Ontario’s theatre sector to adapt to the ever-changing arts ecology?

Conversation Facilitators: Lisa O’Connell, Pat the Dog Theatre Creation & Clayton Windatt, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective