The Life & Death of John the Milkman

The Life and Death of John the Milkman

Written and Directed by Joshua Bainbridge

In the summer of 1959, in a little suburban town, in a very ordinary kitchen, four “regular” housewives find themselves in a very irregular situation, but how hard can it be to dispose of a dead body? This dark comedy follows the lives of four women trapped within the constraints of social expectations. How relatable can relationships from 1959 be to ones today? Perhaps more than you may expect. This is a story about four women who are ready to claim their rights, their identities, and their own independence, at any cost. This show contains mature themes and content. This show contains the smoking of herbal cigarettes.


Kelsey Ruhl – Beverly Stacey
Kaitlyn Stewart – Esther Ross
Jennifer Carroll – Shirley Harrison
Stephanie Kast – Joan Marshal
Morgan Bedard – Norman Stacey
Caleb Geden – John Walters
Joshua Bainbridge – Det. Bradley

Background: Proscenium Club has been active in the Northern theatre scene for the past few years working in various capacities. After formalizing in 2016, Proscenium Club conducted their first project I Live with Him Every Day, which presented at 3 different venues in rural areas of Ontario as a pilot to establish interest in future tours. Director Joshua Bainbridge, who founded Proscenium Club, has been writing and producing his own works since 2010 after graduating from Canadore College’s Theatre Arts program. Seeing a shortage of new theatrical works emerging from Northern Ontario, he brought together several passionate like-minded artists to form a self-sufficient professional theatre company to create and produce new Canadian works. The Life and Death of John the Milkman will be the first formalized tour by this emerging theatre troupe.

The Life and Death of John the Milkman was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time and I go to a lot of shows. The story line had me at “hello” and the playwright’s talent for capturing the best from his actors far exceeded any other community plays I have seen. The marquee value of this show is second to none and although the playwright chooses to live in North Bay, his name is synonymous with the best this province can call its honoured son.”

– Dee Adrian, Executive Director of Capitol Centre Theatre

“In The Life and Death of John the Milkman Joshua Bainbridge perfectly captures the soul-deadening ennui of 1950s-era tract-home suburbia as he follows the misadventures of four beautiful, bored housewives whose penchant for revenge literally results in a bloody mess. The chemistry of the cast members is magic; never has murder been so much fun!”

– Nancy Thompson, School of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts Canadore College