About the Designs

About the Designs:

Clayton Windatt is designing several aspects of the end publication and will be sharing the reasoning behind these designs as they are created. Currently he is working independently but over the next 8 months, he will be taking direction from the written statements from each research paper created by our exceptional partners and through the communication gathered on the ground in each region through our Cultural Town Halls.

Here is the thought process behind this design:

– Innovation
– Outside of the Box thinking
– Box = Organizational Space
– Looking beyond your space for answers.
– Don’t be boxed in.
– Your Box does not define you.
– Your physical resources are not your limitations.
– Art Sectors Collision
– Moving forward
– Next Steps

Creativity // Accessibility // Initiative // Research // Exploration // Innovation // Strategy // Collaboration // Partnership // Empowerment // Development // Grow // Functionality // Impact // Sustainability

When is “BIG” big enough?
When can “small” be good?

Dream Big and don’t be ashamed.

Aim for the top and you can hit half way.