Marjorie (Moonfire) Meister

Marjorie (Moonfire) Meister was born into a family of 10. The motto “Mutual Respect” was instilled in her by her parents. Invention was emphasized to realize wants. At age 23, Marjorie immigrated to Canada, leaving neighbourhood racial riots, days of imposed Martial Law, political corruption, and much more. Marjorie re-rooted in her backwoods of Northern Ontario to commune with nature, make art and write. She began by living in a tent with her inspiration and dreams, and the one person she knew. Forty years later, we have a trail of thousands of her artistic expressions—architecture, book-works, and fresco murals, to name a few. She has exhibited extensively, while advocating for artists and the arts. Along her path, she created and implemented several Visual Art education innovations. This includes a 3 year Visual Art apprenticeship diploma program through her art salon for her M.Ed. in Leadership. Marjorie continues to live a poetic life that “walks the talk” of dedication to learning, sharing, creating, and thriving in the arts. Her current exhibition of photographed light phenomena and light waves, Perception and Illusions: Finding Common Ground in Diverse Realities (Alex Dufresne Art Gallery) is another example of her quest to help build a healthier, harmonious world. Marjorie (Moonfire) Meister actively bridges different perspectives with her art and writing in both local and international venues.