Research Project: Connectivity

What comes to mind when you think of the North Bay arts community? Perhaps you think of the gallery hops that happen bi-monthly throughout the downtown area. Maybe you think of work by local artists displayed in store windows. Or it could be that you didn’t even know North Bay had an arts community. Whatever your impression of the local art world, there is always knowledge to be gained and opportunities for growth. This is why we need your help. You can play a role in the arts community helping it to thrive in our city, increasing its impact upon the public.

The White Water Gallery is hosting the Dream Big Conference, May 27-30th, 2015. We want to connect with our own arts community as well as other Ontario communities in order to assess the state and effectiveness of our cultural sector. This is where you can get involved. The White Water Gallery is conducting research leading up to and during the conference. This project will take a critical look at the current state of our arts community and allow people to reflect upon their personal ability to improve it. Representatives of WWG will be administering a brief survey during the conference to gather information to be published in the follow-up publication after the conference is completed.