Sarah King Gold

Myths and Mirrors Artistic Director, Sarah King Gold, is an established multidisciplinary artist; a visual artist, sculptor, musician, writer, and performer. Her work is inspired by narrative, meditation, zen arts philosophy, expressionism, interdisciplinary arts, and community artistic practices. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2001 and went on to complete an Advanced Visual Art Certificate with OCAD in Florence, Italy in 2002. She has extensive experience facilitating art projects in Sudbury and in Northern Ontario, both as an arts educator and artistic director. Sarah has organized and participated in numerous solo and group exhibits and is actively contributing to the artistic and cultural development of Sudbury with collaborations, installations and public art pieces. During the summer of 2011 she was commissioned to do a mural for Village International Sudbury, as part of the Downtown Sudbury Rehabilitation Project. She has received numerous recognitions for her work. Sarah is in the final stages of a Masters Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Artistic Statement: I create art work intuitively as a means of meditation and subsequent reflection. I seek collaboration with artists working with other media and within other disciplines and embrace opportunities to explore other disciplines within my own work. I share my art work as a means of communication and invitation for audience participation into the creative practice, as a way to enrich the work and my own experience of the art. My work explores human/animal/environmental relationships in a surrealistic fashion. I play with fantasy and reality, creating alternate worlds into which my audience and I may enter.

I hold a firm belief that art evolved as a way to make sense and meaning of our human lives and natural and man made environments. Artistic meaning making was rooted in ritual and daily life as a means of expression, communication and enrichment of the human experience. I seek ways to draw the audience out of the sole role of audience and into the role of artist or co-creator. I work through my private and public artistic practices toward restoring art in the everyday as something we all make and experience, a tool for engaging people in dialogue, a bridge to bring people together through shared experiences found in sharing narrative and the experience of creating together.

Sarah King Gold, AOCAD, MA Interdisciplinary Humanities (pending)