Dream Big Conference SAVE THE DATE

The White Water Gallery has initiated a large-scale project, “The Northern Conference for the Arts”, which will further its mandate of advancing the public’s appreciation of the arts in Ontario. Running May 27th – 30th, 2015 this conference will take place in North Bay, Ontario and include presentations on a wide range of organizational, cultural, and artistic topics. This project is being conducted in partnership with several cultural spaces within Northern Ontario to explore issues of regional relevance as well as those that impact both Northern Ontario and the greater arts community of Canada.

The Gallery has chosen “Dream Big” as the conference title and philosophy for the project as our way of promoting enthusiasm within the current funding climate. The subtext of “Dream Big” is both a statement of our times and a proactive call to never give up on our future. In response to the ever-changing conditions in which municipalities, not-for-profits and artists from all disciplines face we say:

Don’t be discouraged. 

Don’t give up. 

Don’t be ashamed to DREAM BIG.